Introduction to Crabbing

Welcome to the Simple Guide to Crabbing in the Lower Mainland. I assume that if you visit this website, you were at least thinking about crabs. Hopefully you will get all the information you need from this website.

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The Lower Mainland is a collective term that includes the city of Vancouver, Canada, and surrounding municipalities, situated on the Pacific coast. The West Coast is famous for its crab harvests, just as the East Coast is famous for its lobsters. The crab species you can catch here are big and meaty, which means they are great for eating.

As you read through the information in this site, you may find crabbing preparations take considerable work and investment. However, the actual catching part is quite easy and you may find the process fun and enjoyable. This site will provide you with information to help you successfully, and legally catch some tasty crabs.

If you find that any of my information is incorrect, or have any information, comments, or crabbing experiences to share, feel free to send an email to the address printed at the bottom of this page. Your tips will contribute to making this website better. Thank you for visiting.

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